Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Republican Andrew P.D.G. Everett Wants Ann Coulter Burned Alive!

In another example of the deranged byproducts of mainstream GOP thought, Republican activist Andrew P.D.G. Everett has been caught offering to pay to see Ann Coulter "covered in napalm and set on fire." 

Everett, who appears to be a student at the University of Virginia, defends the post from another person's criticism by saying: "Considering all the horrible things she advocates for, I think it would be absolutely fair. The words that exist to describe her are not appropriate for any public fora, so I won't use them, however, she's a racist and a bigot, and not just do I have zero sympathy for them, I wish for them all the horrors. That may make me a horrible person, but I'd like to think that makes me a fair one as well."

Since when is advocating for immigration control a crime deserving of death? It is clear from the modern Republican dogma illustrated in Mr. Everett's post that he what he believes to be "racism and bigotry" should be punishable by death, the same penalty reserved for serial killers. Good Lord.

The exchange is detailed below:

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Destiny Velez Supports Trump!

Once again the Glorious Leader is praised by a beautiful American woman, Puerto Rican Destiny Velez, for his Muslim removal operation.

Will she #makepuertoricogreatagain ?

Friday, December 18, 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

5 Reasons to Never Date Single Moms

The most damning problem with being a respectably employed man in a wealthy part of the United States (apart from taxes) is the type of female creatures you tend to attract. For myself, the pool of options has recently been overwhelmed with a horde of low market value creatures blessed with the sanctifying swill of a child with no father, and consequently, financial need.

Since these women are everywhere on the prowl in modern America, I chose to cautiously wade in and scout the terrain for the purposes of the internet’s erudition. The results were unsurprising, but they should be taken to heart by all young men who wish to preserve their sanity and wealth by avoiding the scourge of single mothers.

1. They’re Immune to Romance

All men, even those who are looking for a quick pump and dump experience, will usually approach a girl with some sort of romantic gesture. This could be a comment on her looks, bringing her flowers, or inviting her to a dance or restaurant. All these acts are meant to illicit in some form a reciprocal response from the female, which can include sex, love, or for the miserable sucker, marriage. The point is that such moves on the part of a man mean something to the girl he is pining for, and ideally will make her want him.

That is, except for single mothers. While feminists will not cease to write articles singing praises of used women as “loving” and “sentimental,” these wenches are experts at responding to any genuine efforts on the part of men with the cold and disinterested candor. They do this because the guy who knocked them up utilized those methods so well that he managed to crinkle all the oodles of her girlish emotions into a prudish lesbian crew cut that has no time for joy and love.

To successfully please a single mother, a man must rely on “mature” traits to emphasize his self-castration in the quest to provide for her. Killer lines like “I will never let you or your child go hungry,” and “I’m going to give you the life the woman you are deserves” go much further than “I love you.” Heartfelt attempts to purchase flowers for her or pursue a romantic getaway will fly in the face of her imperative to “save money for my child and my psychology classes.” Ultimately it is the guy’s money and apparent seriousness that will send tingles up her spine—not his acting like a normal man.

2. A Spoonful of Arrogance

The phrase “They ate some humble pie” cannot be accurately applied to single mothers. Despite managing to fail at the single most important objective established by progressives for women, that is, controlling their own reproduction, these females will go out into the world hunched over from the weight of their brat and the oversized chip on their shoulders. In my investigations of OKCupid, Christian Mingle, and Tinder it was not uncommon to see profiles of baby mamas with the admonition: “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best,” followed by a sunglasses-wearing smilie.

Other fantastic specimens included a chick with twins in the oven who posted pictures of herself in a bikini brooding over her magically expanding waistline and castigated her ex-boyfriend for impregnating another girl at the same time. As one would expect, she described him as an asshole while presenting herself as an anxious mommy-to-be.  Nowhere in the profile was their evidence she bore responsibility for the undesired happening, but she still had the gall to say “I get over three hundred messages a day, so you’d better stand out in the first few lines if you want to have even a prayer.”

3. They’re Lying Hypocrites

In addendum to their arrogance single moms are stricken with a bout of hypocrisy so violent it will destroy the life of any man foolish enough to partake. It is quite common to find mournful posts by these ladies on message boards complaining about the fact that single men are not interested in them for anything besides a quick bang. You can almost feel the crackling rage within them as they secretly lament over the bygone days when galaxies of orbiters and players worshiped their asses and significantly less flabby sternum. Now they have passed into the near-expired portion of the grocery store, yet they still feel entitled to the attention of those same men, and preferably the most handsome and least needy ones.

Furthermore, single mothers expose their hypocrisy through their aversion to dating single fathers. While one might assume such men are the perfect match, more children means less money for her offspring, and added responsibility that she doesn’t want. It’s important to remember that many of these women have the “I deserve a second chance at happiness” mentality, albeit applied strictly to herself, her career plans, and her children. Throwing some other souls into the mix who require attention and love is absolutely unappealing.  

It is also worth noting that the women who demonize and blame their exes for their current state have a good deal of explaining to do. Unless the guy died on the battlefield or from natural causes, why did she remain with him if he was such a deadbeat? Heck, why have a kid with the man? If he really was as bad as she claims, why did she not rush to Planned Parenthood to avoid giving birth to a psycho? The being Catholic or pro-life excuse does not really hold up because she was presumably sucking his dick and engaging in premarital sex, a sin in the eyes of Christianity.

The answer is that she was in love with the guy and thought having a kid would change him. When that failed, he left and she decided to conjure up some fantasy to make herself both the victim and a “Strong, independent woman.”

4. You Will Never Be Loved

As much as single mothers enjoy advertising themselves as wonderful little songbirds on the hunt for love, in reality they are just looking for a financial goodie bag to offset the fallout from their days of serial sluttery. None of these women will ever truly be over their ex, as they are carting around a sliver of his DNA and using it as a vehicle to attract pity. Short of the guy being dead or steadfast in his conversion to homosexuality he will remain a kindled interest in her heart, and one she will not hesitate to pursue at a later date if her new partner’s stable lifestyle lacks the passion and spontaneity she is used to. If this occurs, it is fair to expect she will try to do so secretly in order to avoid losing the gravy train spigot of her wistful provider.

The fact that the child at stake in the relationship has a biological link only to her will also make the single mom a catastrophe to date. A kid who sees a man stepping in to claim his or her mother can easily turn into a resentful brat who refuses to obey his directions on the basis of “You’re not my dad.” The older the child grows the worse this becomes, until you face the prospect of a rebellious eighteen-year old who walks all over you with tacit support from the mother. If the mom is particularly protective of her vagabond offspring and takes their side against your provision of common sense, this conflict will only explode.

5.  It Helps the Feminist Cause

Dating single mothers serves the added purpose of promoting toxic feminism in modern society. To start, every single mom I have encountered has been an avowed leftist activist. After years of not giving a thought to politics while enjoined with her baby daddy, she suddenly morphs into a wretched progressive in response to his departure and pledges to combat the Patriarchy and wage gap everywhere. The constant blaring of “you go gurl” encouragement from her female companions and the mass media helps her justify the poor decisions she made in dating and her need to find a financially successful man who shares the same corrupt worldview that she does.

Going beyond this pinnacle, when you date a single mother you are adding to the mainstream citadel of feminism by glorifying one of their prized demographics. Feminists regularly praise single moms because they are among the most perfected means by which to turn masculine men into cuckolds.  A man who marches in to raise the child of a mentally deficient slut and her irresponsible ex is fundamentally towing the traditional feminist message that women should not face the consequences of their stupid choices, but rather have men pay for them. These women are exalted as heroes for the town square, when in fact they should be publicly shamed to its seediest fringes and forced to support their hypocritical lifestyle independent of respectable males.

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